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The eleventh edition of South Africa’s most diverse stage race, the M&G Investments PE Plett, is gearing up, and guess what? We’re not shaking things up – we’re stirring them with the same winning formula, just adding a splash of excitement. Drumroll, please!

For 2024, the power is in your hands, and your decision is our command. Get ready to flex those voting muscles and choose the riding jersey you want to rock during South Africa’s most diverse stage race.

Thanks to our fabulous Official Cycling Apparel Manufacturer, Vye Cycle Kit, the winning M&G Investments PE Plett riding jersey will be like a VIP pass – included in your race pack for the 2024 edition. It’s not just a jersey; it’s your ticket to cycling stardom!

So, saddle up and prepare to cast your vote because this jersey isn’t just a piece of clothing; it’s a statement, and we want yours to be the loudest on the trail. Let the jersey voting madness begin!

Vye Cycle Kit – Official Apparel Manufacturer for the M&G Investments Pe Plett

Vye Cycle Kit is a pioneer of top quality sports gear, deeply rooted at the foot of Table Mountain since 1997. From schools to corporates, social groups to professional teams, we have the garments, expertise and inspiration to bring your vision to life.



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