M&G Investments PE PLETT, where it started and where it’s going,
with Mike Glover.

“It was a magnificent day in June 2011 for flying as I navigated the Red Cherry RV7 along the coastline from PE to PLETT. The idea of a 4-day stage race was born at 1000 ft and in 2013 we staged the inaugural PE PLETT. It was tough, the September rains caused havoc and just to finish was a massive achievement… it was a journey and an adventure that the 400 riders will never forget… although some might wish they could have!” says Mike Glover, Race Director, and Founder.

11 years later and the event is now a real family affair. All the Glovers have been roped in as Sandy heads up the water points and puts her years of peanut butter sandwich making to good use. Older Sister Michelle handles the rooming list as she has always delegated who sleeps where on family trips. While Shaun Glover handles the media and always pretends to be busy when Mike is marching around.

As the event grows from a passion project to more of a business, with over 300 riders per year and now 2 events for 2024, the team has had to grow, and with that, we welcome the inclusion of Jacques Steenkamp and now his family. Jacques, a farmer in the J-Bay area, has been one of the many landowners since the race’s inception back in 2013.

A lot has changed in the last 10 years and the M&G Investments PE PLETT formula we believe is spot on. The linear journey, the cool villages, the luxury tents, the free beer and wine, and most of all the route is what brings people back year after year.

Our Title Sponsor, M&G Investments has truly embraced the event and add enormous value in so many ways. Our 10 year partnership with Woodlands Dairy and Tsitsikamma Crystal is a marriage that will hopefully continue for years to come. To the rest of our sponsors namely Heineken, KWV, Nutritech, Woodridge, Smhart Security, Foodlover’s Market… Thank You!

In 2023, we had just over 300 riders, our biggest field since the 2013 ride and the Red Cherry Team worked hard around the clock to ensure that your experience was a true “Memory Maker”. You embraced the journey and we are privileged to have shared our 10th anniversary with all you PE PLETT warriors.

From Mike Glover at Red Cherry Events

A New Way to Ride in 2024.

Entries for 2024 are open and are already over 65% sold out.

We have introduced a new way to ride in The Tour which offers a laid-back experience with open chutes, leisurely breaks for cappuccinos and lunch, and no set starting times. It’s designed to be an all-day adventure without any pressure. Rather than focusing on winners and podiums, The Tour invites riders to fully engage in the joy of mountain biking.

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