2 ways to ride the same loved event in 2024!


The Ride (21 – 24 February)

The Ride is the original M&G PE PLETT, a four-day mountain biking event that combines thrilling biking, excellent accommodation, and top-notch glamping. This year marks our 11th anniversary, and the M&G Investments PE PLETT experience continues to gain popularity. For some participants, it’s a race, while for others, it’s simply a chance to enjoy the ride. The 2024 edition offers a revised route, starting in Kurland, with two nights in Tsitsikamma, one night at Assegaibos, and a finish on the beautiful beaches of Jeffreys Bay. Additionally, next year will introduce the TOUR, which begins three days after the RIDE. The choice is yours!

The Tour (24 – 27 February)

The Tour follows the exact route of the “Ride” and offers the same amenities. However, it provides a more relaxed experience with open chutes, opportunities to enjoy cappuccinos and lunch breaks along the way, and no timed starts. This means you can make it an all-day affair without feeling pressured. The Tour doesn’t have winners or podiums; instead, it allows you to fully immerse yourself in the paradise of mountain biking. Although both analog and E-bikes are welcome, we anticipate that the majority of participants will be E-bikers.

Similarities and differences between the two events


Similarities and differences between the two events




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