Bruce Campbell, 9 times finisher and rare disease survivor, is your coach!

I (Bruce Campbell), started off my journey in sport during my university years as an Xterra athlete. In an effort to pursue it professionally, life unfortunately, had other plans as I was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease that would not allow me to run anymore. Through bi-weekly infusion treatment and not ever giving up on living fit, I have managed to be able to ride my bike to keep me healthy and slow the progression of my condition.

 I now aim to help others achieve their dreams or goals in sports. 2024 will be my 10th M&G Investments PE Plett 4-day stage race and I am super excited to share this journey with all of you!

 I have a degree in Sports Science and many years of racing and training to offer experience, guidance and support in your journey to PE Plett 2024.

 Welcome to the 2024 PE Plett coaching program and we are wishing you all the very best as we start kicking off the training plan!

We are super excited to help you in developing within mountain biking and working together to reach your goals. Like any relationship, to be successful good communication and feedback are important to ensure optimal results. Coaching is a two-way street between coach and athlete.

Training Peaks explained:

A warm welcome to our online coaching platform. I am truly excited that you are on board and look forward to help you achieve your goals. The success of any program is measured by results and it is no different when we design your training plan. Good communication and feedback are important to ensure optimal results. This is a two-way street between coach and athlete. With this in mind please take note of the following important information.

The TrainingPeaks platform is our primary communication and feedback tool. Note that each workout on TrainingPeaks has a “post-activity comments” section. Please keep an eye on this window for specific feedback on your workout. Also consider the premium option on TrainingPeaks for automatic notifications. As the athlete please use this platform to comment and share information. The more we know the better!

You are welcome to contact me on WhatsApp, email. Leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I am thankful for the opportunity of being your coach. Train hard, be consistent and develop healthy, positive habits that will allow you to train hard and then all the good adaptations will start to develop.

Starting 1 July 2023 – Once entered into the 2023 M&G Investments PE PLETT for 2024, you will receive an email from with details to get started on your training plan with Bruce. Emails will arrive within 5 days of entering the event for next year.



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