The following additional services are available for riders of the M&G Investments PE Plett.

Please note that some of the additional services require additional booking steps directly with the service providers.

M&G Investments Boost Bar

The last 10 kilometres in most bicycle races can be tough, you have run out of water and you’re dreaming of that Heineken beer on the finish line.

As you click through the gears you see an Oasis in the distance … it can’t be the end as you still have at least 10kms until your Red Cherry Events tented village comes into view. In fact, you have arrived at the M&G Investments Boost Bar, the music is pumping and the freshly prepared iced coffee is flowing on this warm summers day!

You top up the caffeine levels and realise that home is just around the corner.

Free beer and wine in the chill zone

There is no place like the Red Cherry Chill Zone to recover in after a beautiful day on the bike.

With soft bean bags to lounge on while comparing your Stava efforts with your riding buddies, the Heineken beers and KWV wine close at hand – free of charge and always at optimal temperature.

Charging stations & free wifi

Inside the Red Cherry Chill Zone and Food Court, you can find the charging stations, fully stocked with multiple charging ports and adaptors – you will have no problem keeping your tech alive at the M&G Investments PE PLETT.

With state-of-the-art LTE enabled WiFi courtesy of IGEN, specifically set up for the M&G Investments PE PLETT riders. You can be assured that all your GoPro footage from the day can be shared with the world.

Janey's Coffee

What would a stage race be without some world class arabica beans filling the air with their rich aromas in the early mornings?

Janey is always the first one up in the morning to ensure that everyone can get their coffee orders in before they are off on the next stage of the M&G Investments PE PLETT.

Massage zone

 Massage bookings are open.

R400.00 per 30 minutes

R50 per taping/strapping


WhatsApp on +27 83 644 9011.

Sport massages … a very needed service.

Gill Williams owns and run Sports Massage Therapists and Event Massage Services. As well as being qualified in Sports Massage and certified in Kinesio taping, she also has a Massage Academy where she teaches the correct and latest massage techniques.

She has been providing teams of qualified and experienced therapists from various disciplines to sporting events for over 7 years. Massages are important and one of the most soothing experiences of an event. Studies have shown that massage increases recovery and improves performance in multi-stage events.

Let’s not forget that it also feels great!

At the M&G Investments PE PLETT, Gill will have a team of qualified professionals travelling along the route. This will include a Physiotherapist, Biokineticist and Sports Massage Therapists.

Each Sports Massage Therapist will take care of your individual massage needs and refer you to our Physiotherapist for more serious injuries and assessments.

There will be qualified therapists who will be available to tape and strap injuries at each race village.

It is vital to Pre-book to secure your spot directly with Gill via email or WhatsApp on +27 83 644 9011.

Bike transport service

M&G PE Plett riders to please book transport directly with the provider of their choice.

+27 (0)82 4138935

+27 (0)82 334 4274

+27 (0)82 334 4274

+27 (0)82 929 8693

Luggage transport

At the M&G Investments PE PLETT its a truly no-hassle affair. Based on feedback we have received from riders, we have done away with our black boxes and we are now allowing riders to use one of their own bags.

The team from Red Cherry Events will have a label applied to it and move it between villages each day.

Only 1 bag per rider is allowed and this cannot exceed 38,5x33x88 cm or 110L capacity.

*Any damage to valuables is at your own risk and the event organisers take no responsibility for this.

Live time keeping

Whether it’s a sprint finish for first overall or capturing the backmarkers. The M&G Investments PE PLETT is timed from start to finish and results per day are combined to form your general classification result for the 4 days of this unique race. Click here to see the results live from the previous editions of the M&G Investments PE PLETT

It's a ride with a vibe


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